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We’ve been working with small businesses for over a decade. And we’ve used the experiences and knowledge we’ve gathered to create these free resources. Even if you don’t use Spotlight, we want you to be successful!

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Every webinar we host is created exclusively for local service businesses.

Mastering your Maintenance Program with Customer Lobby

In this free webinar, Erica Leanor of Power Selling Pros will go over the best practices for growing your maintenance program. Then Allison Bruce of Customer Lobby will go over how you can use your Customer Lobby account to keep your maintenance customers coming back year after year.

Recorded Webinars

Customer Journeys

Read about the experience of these local service businesses before and after implementing Spotlight.

Appleton Campbell
Warrenton, VA
Rocky Top Air
Knoxville, TN
Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Arlington, TX
Mark Johnson Plumbing
Ruston, LA
Simply Magic Chem-Dry
South Windsor, CT
Capital Plumbing & Heating
Edmonton, Alberta