Shelly's School for Dogs

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Shelly's School for Dogs has an innovative and comprehensive "whole dog" approach to training. We call it Control-Through-Kindness. As no two dogs are the same, no


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5 Stars

Asbury Park, NJ


2 adopted dogs

We adopted 2 lab mixes from an online pet adoption site that we had never met. They are sweet dogs, but no leash manners and insecurity. After their 4 weeks of training, we are still going each week to learn more commands. Both dogs are walking nicely on the... Read More

2 Stars

Monroe, NJ


Training was poor

this operation is all about money. our puppy after months of training barely improved- RUN away from this place - He is a CROOK Read More

2 Stars

Brick, NJ


Our trainer Karen was wonderful and is doing a great job with our dog but that is where it stops!!!

Karen LaRusso is a wonderful trainer and has a loving, patient way with our dog and us. We are so fortunate to have her. We are still being trained and still need help with our dogs barking and jumping. However, that is where the happy part stops!!!.. This... Read More

3 Stars

Nyc , NY


My dog is now terrified

Maybe this is my own fault, but I had to leave my 13week old puppy there for a few weeks. I thought this would be a better alternative to my regular dog sitter bc he would get obedience training. (I've heard Min Pins can be difficult) I returned home 2weeks... Read More

2 Stars

Pittsburgh, PA


You might as well Flush 3,000 down the toilet

This review is for the boarding/training package that Shelley so anxiously sold us. The moment I saw his face I didn't like him. He looks like he's up to something. $@!#% rat. But my significant other assured me that this was a good place and it would be money well... Read More

1 Stars

Jackson , NJ


Waste of $3000

I’d like to start off by saying that in spite of my strong dissatisfaction with this school and a total waste of my $3000 fee, it had nothing to do with the trainer I was assigned. Roy was professional, very easy to work with and great with my dog. He accomplished... Read More

5 Stars

Avon, NJ


Very NICE facility

My Leo was afraid but he looks amazing. Thanks grooming department!! Front desk a little rigid second encounter. But, many thanks for directions when I called from the road.:) Read More

5 Stars

Central, NJ


Definitely works and highly recommended

I highly recommend the program at Shellys School for Dogs. Last year I adopted a 5 yr old small rescue dog. She is shy, gentle, well behaved, and without a mischievous bone in her body. Perfect for a first time dog owner like myselfr so I thought. Within a few weeks... Read More

2 Stars

Barnegat, NJ


Very disappointed, training/end result was not what were told.

My wife sent our Australian Shepard, a puppy to Shelly's for training. She was under the impression (from Shelly) we would have the perfect dog after the 1 month was completed. (no jumping, would come when called, to name a few routine commands) Well it's safe to... Read More

2 Stars

Ny, ND


Go elsewhere...

I recently went through the same as the last reviewer, I feel that my dog got worse and did not get trained at all.... techniques used are not adequate and do not have permanent results... PLEASE do not waste your money! Read More

2 Stars

Freehold, NJ


Don't go here if you want your dog trained within a reasonable amount of time.

In previous years, Shelly's School for Dogs had a great reputation. Being recommended by vets & satisfied owners, it seemed like the logical place to take a dog. As the weeks go by, our dog is becoming more unmanageable at home. After 4 weeks, we literally begged... Read More

4 Stars

Paramsu, NJ


Send Your Dog to School to Become Even Better

Shelly’s School for Dogs took my rowdy and uncontrollable dog and made him very well behaved. He is still the same happy dog he was before going to the school, but now he listens to every command he is given and no longer acts out or barks at every little thing. ... Read More