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Simply Magic Chem-Dry has been in business for over 30 years, and has seen marketing trends drastically change over that time. “In the past, you could run an ad and wait for the phone to ring,” recalls business owner Richard deBoer. “It’s more of a challenge now.”

Simply Magic began sending postcards and blanket emails to their customers. It was a very manual process: exporting and uploading lists, remembering when each send happened, tracking discount codes, etc. To make this process easier, they turned to Customer Lobby.

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Since implementing Customer Lobby’s automated customer retention solution, Simply Magic has freed up a lot of time. By connecting directly to Simply Magic’s Quickbooks system, Customer Lobby automatically follows up with customers likely to need repeat service with postcards and email. “The postcards are pretty attractive,” says Richard. “They really do remind people to give us a call.”

Richard also loves how easy Customer Lobby makes it to get online reviews. “On the internet, people can see your competitors right away. Reviews help them make decisions. With Customer Lobby, I wanted to generate more testimonials and reviews, and that’s exactly what happened.”

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