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Rocky Top Air juggled a lot of different methods to stay top-of-mind with customers: newsletters and email blasts, monthly postcards, online advertising, etc. They had a graphic designer to help with the materials, but they still spent a ton of time coordinating their efforts and tracking results. Plus, they needed to constantly come up with new ideas for their messages.

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Rocky Top Air initially turned to Customer Lobby because of their online reviews service. And even though having online reviews is important to Rocky Top Air, what they value most about Customer Lobby is how they produce a steady revenue stream and keep customers coming back.

Customer Lobby does this by seamlessly integrating with Rocky Top Air’s invoicing system, Quickbooks. They monitor customer transactions and automatically reach out to customers that are likely to need repeat service, keeping Rocky Top Air top-of-mind at the right times. “We’re a firm believer in Customer Lobby, especially since we’ve really seen the return on the investment,” says Dale Shepard. “Customer Lobby has been a tremendous asset to our business.”

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