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Mark Johnson Plumbing needed a way to stay in touch with their customers to keep them coming back. They tried using email, but found the process to be too manual. Plus, they struggled to find an email system they could have confidence in. They also tried mailing postcards. This ended up being overly time-consuming, and they didn’t have a way to track the effectiveness of their efforts.

Mark Johnson Plumbing needed a system that would automate customer outreach, while letting them see how their efforts affected revenue. That’s when they turned to Customer Lobby.

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Since implementing Customer Lobby, Mark Johnson Plumbing no longer needs to guess at the effectiveness of their customer outreach. They can clearly see their results in their Customer Lobby dashboard, including how much money came in from each individual outreach.

For every dollar they spend with Customer Lobby, Mark Johnson Plumbing now sees $90 come back to their business in revenue. In addition to saving money, they’re also saving time. Customer Lobby runs in the background, automatically reaching out to the segments of customers most likely to need repeat service. This gives the company’s employees time back to focus their efforts elsewhere.

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