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Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning struggled to find an easy and effective method to keep their customers
coming back. They invested a ton of time and money labeling, stamping, and sending direct mail, and also manually
sent emails. But they weren’t seeing the results they wanted. They knew they needed a faster, more automated,
and more effective strategy. That’s when they turned to Customer Lobby.

“We spent more time trying to get new customers; we forgot to advertise to our existing customers, says Bruce Forthofer, Owner of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Kansas City. 

So, they started sending postcards to their existing customer base. However, they had difficulty designing the postcardscreating accurate send lists, and they struggled to track their resultsThey needed an easier way. That’s when they turned to Customer Lobby. 

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Customer Lobby was the automated solution they were looking for. It integrated directly with their invoicing system, allowing them to segment their customers, be specific, and target people ready to spend money with their company.

After switching to Customer Lobby, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning was able to free up more of their time to focus on delivering quality service. They also improved their marketing ROI by automatically tailoring outreach based on the customers’ last transaction date, how much money they spent, and other specifics. Fort Collins Heating & Air saw higher response rates when they started using Customer Lobby’s eye-catching email and postcard templates. Todd Harding, Marketing Coordinator, says, “We can say for sure that whenever Customer Lobby sends out a mailer, we get immediate results and receive the leads directly to our inbox.”

Glenn Frank, President, says that the ability to strategically target customers and control the timing of their promotions has been invaluable to their business. It’s helped even out the seasonal highs and lows of their business.

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning now relies heavily on Customer Lobby for the majority of their marketing efforts. They love their customer success manager, saying that he “always gets back to us right away and is very helpful. The customer service is really superb.”

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