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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing struggled to find an easy and effective method to keep their customers coming back. They invested a ton of time and money labeling, stamping, and sending direct mail, and also manually
sent emails. But they weren’t seeing the results they wanted. They knew they needed a faster, more automated,
and more effective strategy. That’s when they turned to Customer Lobby.

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Bruce Forthofer decided to switch to Customer Lobby because “their postcards were high quality and we didn’t have to worry about designing them. Customer Lobby made it easy to identify who we should target, they made it easy to track results, and the whole process is automated. ”  

Now, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Kansas City is saving a ton of time by targeting customers who have previously worked with them, automatically. They enjoy a handsome ROI and are booking more jobs from their existing customer base. So far, Customer Lobby has helped them book 5,911 additional jobs, resulting in $4,846,537 in revenue. 

We need to get more business from customers who have previously worked with us and going through Customer Lobby has streamlined our system to do so, says Bruce. “My advice is if you are trying to get more business from your customers, Customer Lobby can really work for you.” 

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