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Challenges: Appleton Campbell, a plumbing, HVAC, and electric business, has always made a point to market to their existing customers. “Our goal is for our customers not to forget who to call,” says Heather Appleton, Marketing Director at Appleton Campbell.

But it wasn’t easy. Heather was manually exporting customer lists. She didn’t have a way to track things like return on dollars spent, or segment by the last time she saw her customers. “I was just blanketing the entire customer base, so I was wasting some of my marketing dollars,” recalls Heather. They needed a better way.

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Customer Lobby was like hitting the easy button,” says Heather. “They identify customers to reach out to within our database, and send them postcards and emails. This helps our marketing dollars go as far as possible. They even automate our thank you cards to reinforce our brand after a transaction.”

Heather is also pleased to have a dedicated success manager who goes the extra mile and works with them to make sure they achieve the best results possible.

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