Salem Women's Clinic

Business Description:

This is an office for women and completely made up of women workers, including nurses, doctors, aids, every worker is a woman.


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1 Stars

Salem, OR


Not all patients are equal

I have been going to to this clinic for about 6 weeks now. My first appointment went great. We ran all my labs and I was told to come back in a week. When I came back for my 2nd appointment, no one seemed to know why I was there. At this point, they ordered more... Read More

1 Stars

Independende, OR


Do not go here.

I am now 17 weeks pregnant and have only been seen once. Dr. Kate which seems to be the only OB GYN at this clinic is never there. I called today to verify my appointment because they don't ever call to remind you, and they said they had given me a call to... Read More

5 Stars

Salem , OR


Great first visit!

I recently moved to Salem from the East coast. Having to find all new doctors has been a chore, especially when you don’t know any of the doctors (I am a nurse and knew who I would and wouldn’t go to in the past). Today I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Emily... Read More

4 Stars

Keizer, OR


23 years of service!! Love them

Salems women clinic has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years...l started seeing them when I was 17.. They have delivered all 4 of my babies, when they were still able to partner with salem hospital...i felt secure, safe, and in good hands though out all my... Read More

3 Stars

Dallas, OR


Not all women

There are definitely men who work at this establishment. Which I assume for handywork but for a lab assistant to be a male, that was a big "wtf" moment for me. not only because he was a male, but because when he called my name for a lab sample and to give me... Read More

5 Stars

Dallas, OR


For Women, By Women, and Of Women

The Salem Women's Clinic is located in Salem, Oregon and it was designed specifically for woman to feel comfortable. I have been going there for all of my womanly medical needs including laser hair removal and have felt extremely welcomed. I am very pleased with... Read More