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The $1200 call to loosen a screw

My water had been running slow for a while so I made the mistake of calling houses to come fix it
First, I work nights
I tried to set the appointment up for 3rd since they have "24hr service" but was told they don't like to start jobs that late in the day
So I set the appointment up for the following Mon (what's one more weekend with my water at a trickle)
Monday arrived but the technician didn't show up until 2:30th because there was an emergency call that took precedent over my scheduled appointment
He did hardly any troubleshooting but did replace lots of parts that didn't need to be replaced, then had to call the office to get a different tech to come out because his shift was over
While waiting for tech#2 to show up I called the office to get an eta and was assured that my water would be fixed tonight since they offer "24hr service"
After close to an hour, tech#2 exclaimed that he had worked for them for 30 years and he didn't know what was wrong with it, and he wasn't going to stay until it was fixed
At this point tech#2 (also the most unprofessional tech) left and I had zero water
Day 2 arrived and I get home from working nights and after waiting for a couple hours I call the office to see when the tech would be coming back to fix my water
I was told that they were closing up camps for the winter since some cold weather was due to arrive shortly and that was an emergency
I explained that I have 2 senior citizens, 2 adults, 1 teenager, and 1 toddler relying on the pump in my house and I now have no water (when does that qualify as an emergency? )
Eventually tech#3 (yes a different tech than the previous two) shows up and after a half hour of troubleshooting he fixed the problem by backing off 1 screw
Long story short, MONTHS later I received a bill for $1200 for parts that didn't need to be replaced and labor of useless techs who don't know how to troubleshoot, just replace parts

Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced plumber, not these jokers