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Houle's Plumbing has been serving Greater Waterville area for over 67 yrs now. Company itself speaks alot, with talented technicians and huge expertise in many it ma


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Houle's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

The company is fine when they are making money. However, when it’s time to support their work, it has been made clear that they will turn on even their most loyal customers

As a long time customer, spending literally tens of thousands of dollars on multiple properties, I ended my relationship with Houles because of their disregard for customer service and lack of warranty support of their parts and craftsmanship.

My first and only complaint was about a mere $133 bill.

Last fall plumbing was installed which ultimately failed this spring. During a service call to repair the plumbing issue, the technician never indicated there was a cost associated to correct the problem.

Weeks later, without notice, I received an email with a statement requesting payment. Confused, I responded that I believed that should not be chargeable because there appeared to be a problem with the craftsmanship. My email was forwarded to the service manager to which was answered with terse, accusatory language. The service manager, Randy, blindly assumed the problem was because of my own misuse, without speaking to me nor personally making a house call to investigate the matter.

In my disbelief I wrote to the company's president, Anthony, and included a check to shore up and finalize my account. Anthony was also quick to respond by reinforcing his service manager's blind opinion, and stated that it must have been caused by my own misuse. As a feeble attempt to rectify the matter, he offered settling the service call at half price, as long as I called his billing office for this arrangement.

Clearly he missed the point.