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Runnemede was found in year 1946. Technicians at Runnemede believe in finding root problem and fix it for good. Main aim is customer satisfaction.


plumbers & sewer repair

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Pitman, NJ

Runnemede Plumbing Heating

Former employee.. Please read me

I worked for runnemede for about 6 months, I admit it was kind of a stop gap job however in my time there i witnessed alot ot truly appauling things. First off they are a complete rip-off to there customers. My entire first week there was spent in sales training, which i was taught some very unethical sales techniques. There prices are a joke. For example they charged a flat rate for all repairs they charged $380 to replace a thermocouple. It is a $15 part and takes about 10 minutes to replace. The company i currently work for would probably charge about $100 maximum for this repair.
The owners of the company, Jim And Jeff Stanch, are the worst people I have ever worked for. They have a poster in thir office which says " a poor contractor underbids his jobs". They care as little about their employees as they do thier customers. They would find any excuse nessisary to take money out of our paychecks. Example: if there was a call back the prior technician who was there would have the cost of the bill taken out of thier paycheck, even if it was a mechanical issue and not nessisarily a human error issue. The most disgusting act I ever witnessed was when on My coworker named eric, tragically erics wife passed away, eric called in to Jim stanch to let him know he wouldnt be able to make it in because he was taking a leave for his wifes death. Jim replied " well whos going to handle your calls?" .... Thats right, no sorry for your loss or any type of condolence, just a hard time because he was calling out. They also have been under investigation from the department of labor several times for payroll issues. They are a company run by crooks and careless individuals with no ethics whatsoever. I left on my own terms. They actually offered me more money to stay but i couldnt subject myself to it. From someone whos been on the inside and seen the way it is. Stay away and call a legit company.