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Jon Wayne is San Antonio's largest residential heating and air conditioning contractor. We work tirelessly to be the best so you get the best service possible.


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Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning

Excellent & On-Time Service...Now my A/C and Heating Choice

We bought this house new 8 years ago and the A/C has a 10 year warranty. So initially I called the Company (AirTron) on a Saturday and scheduled an appointment for them just to come out and look at it ($89 & Monday would be as soon as they would come out). I already knew what the problem was since I heard it go out, it was the blower impeller cage had "self-destructed" so I removed the whole blower motor assembly.
I remembered Jon Wayne's advertisements and called their office and for $29 they had a certified A/C technician at the house within an hour.
I did not care that I had to pay for an otherwise warranted part and I was very glad that I had called someone OTHER than the original installer as the last 3-4 years we have had a dust problem despite using dust filters. The last 3 weeks showed little dust on the large 20"x36" filter so I knew something was not right.
Ramiro Ramos (from Jon Wayne Co.) showed me why there was litle collection on the filter and excess dust, when AirTron connected the conversion (round duct to ~20"x20") to the air handler they USED NOTHING BUT ALUMINUM TAPE to hold the duct work up and it had fallen 3" to the joists below.
I can't believe that this was a sudden failure, rather the seal around the duct had been failing since day 1. This not only caused a dust problem, asthma/COPD irritation, but also since it was drawing in attic air it was working inefficiently and cost me in the $300-$400 range in the heat of the summer.
Ramiro from Jon Wayne set up a UV-C double bulb/location germicidal system to prevent mold on the evaporator coil and in the output of the air handler.
In addition he installed a WHOLE HOUSE (6 month) filtration system to avtotally avoid the leaks due to poor workmanship from the original installation.
I also signed up for a 5 Year Maintenance Agreement where they come out and replace the filters twice a year and clean what ever needs cleaning and do regular checkups.

He came out the following Monday at 1:30 and was through at 5:30. I had windows open but it was almost as cool as I have to have the Thermostat (73-75 degrees)

I went into this knowing that I was paying a bit more than I originally planned but knowing that the problems that have been plaguing us since we moved in, I was happy to pay it.

God bless,
Fred Dunn
(Happy Jon Wayne Customer)

PS - I even have a home warranty tha covers things like this but wanted it DONE RIGHT!