Winthrop Orthopedic Associates

Business Description:

Provide surical and non-surgical treatments: General Orthopaedics, Arthritis Surgery, Total Joint Reconstruction, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Hand & Up




4 Stars

Garden City , NY


Within 4 minutes, suggested surgery

On all fronts, Absolutely the worst experience I've had dealing with a physician. It is now clear to me its all about $. I Waited for 1 hours 45 minutes to see Dr. Tiplez, after hearing through the adjacent wall...him talking and laughing with either another... Read More

1 Stars

Garden City , NY



Doctor's hours are does not accommodate patients. Unacceptable to get a call that the doctor is cancelling all afternoon appointment no explanation why. I have to take the take off so i can be seen. After I complained the office rep out me on hold and came back... Read More

1 Stars

Lynbrook, NY


Wait time unacceptable

I will not go to an office where before my call is even answered I am on hold for 15 minutes. Read More

1 Stars

Garden City, NY


Sadly, a terrible experience with Corrdinator/Reception service

Attempted to schedule a new appointment with Dr. S and his coordinator was absolutely rude and told me to go to another physician. She was agitated from the beginning of the call and it was clear that I was unable to get an appointment. Perhaps this is a blessing in... Read More

1 Stars

New York, NY


I would not recommend

Just made my last payment for the lack of service perfromed for my son. Your office is a joke and in my eyes you have committed Insurance Fraud. You have billed me $600.00 and you neither set my sons casts or performed even rudimentary follow up. You looked at 1... Read More

5 Stars

Bethpage, NY


Excellent in every way

Winthrop Orthopedic Associates is a first rate medical provider. They were recommended by my primary care physician, and, as with any referral he has given me, they were excellent. In addition to providing excellent pre- and post-op advice and instructions (and... Read More