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This is an office for women and completely made up of women workers, including nurses, doctors, aids, every worker is a woman.
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Ashlee J.

Dallas, OR

Salem Women's Clinic

Not all women

There are definitely men who work at this establishment. Which I assume for handywork but for a lab assistant to be a male, that was a big "wtf" moment for me. not only because he was a male, but because when he called my name for a lab sample and to give me instructions he had these bloodshot eyes & at first I thought Ok maybe he has bad allergies or was crying? but as i got closer to him he just had the stench of a high school drop out. WEED & CIGARETTES GALORE! Is this really who we want to run our tests? Is this man even capable of wearing a lab coat? Needless to say, this was the last time I came to this clinic after encountering with a stoned out lab assistant. No thank you "women's" clinic.