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Software for local businesses to get more repeat customers and build their online reputation. Smarter & easier because, it's completely automated.


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5 Stars

Abilene, TX


Love this advertising media

We were skeptical at first but internet is where it is at. Since using the Customer Lobby we have increased out sales by leaps and bounds It really works and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their business The customer reviews are outstanding... Read More

1 Stars

Chicago, IL


Will not post my negative review

Customer Lobby will not post my negative review of my moving company. I have tried unsuccessfully to post three times and I have called the company twice. They have allowed the moving company to block my review. This is not a fair and honest representation of the... Read More

5 Stars

Overland Park, KS


Amazing results

Customer Lobby has been amazing for our company. We did direct mail ourselves before and saw very little results. We immediately had a 26x return on the first mailing and it's still growing. The people there are also super helpful when it comes to responding to... Read More

5 Stars

Tyler, TX


MORE Than Pays for itself

We couldn't be happier with Customer Lobby. Theirs is an effective, streamlined service that MORE than pays for itself. We are especially impressed with the extra-mile customer service we've received both from the sales department and our account rep. Bridget Carls... Read More

4 Stars

Ottawa, ON


Reviews are nice but ...

Being a business I do appreciate that they can help facilitate this type of service. The only thing is is if you stop with them you are now losing all the reviews they have gathered. I think they should allow a way to transfer them to other sites easily instead of... Read More

5 Stars

Fort Worth, TX


Customer Lobby Helps with quality 3rd Party reviews

Customer Lobby talks to real customers and gets their impression of your actual services that you have performed. No fakes, nothing made up; just an accurate impression of what you have done, from real customers. Andrew, our rep has been really good to keep in... Read More

5 Stars

Pompano Beach, FL


Excellent Service

Our company just rejoined Customer Lobby and we needed to get retrained on the process. Andrew Bardin is our account manager. He is professional, helpful and took his time to explain to us (our customer service rep and myself) the process of uploading contact info... Read More

5 Stars

Virginia Beach, VA


Great customer service

My company is brand new to Customer Lobby and of course has many questions about implementation. I spoke to Bridget today in the Support Team and she answered all of my questions. At the end of our conversation she offered her direct line to make it even easier for... Read More

5 Stars

Phoenixville, PA


A. Bardin = A Rock Star! Gooder than the good

Nobody likes Customer Service. Customer Service even doesn't even like Being Customer Service. I'm sure of it. Totally. Well. I used to be. I've always had good experiences with Customer Lobby's Customer Service. But, you're supposed to, right? So, no... Read More

5 Stars

Nashville, TN


Excellent customer service -

I have used Customer Lobby for the past several years and can vouch for the reviews, as a major driver in bring in new business. They have excellent customer service and are very quick to respond my calls. I would highly recommend them. Read More

2 Stars

Salisbury, NC


Don't Use this service!

I would not recommend that any company use this service! I paid for there service for 3 to 4 months, during that time they were able to get a total of TEN reviews from my clients which were posted only to their website. Now that I have cancelled the service... Read More

5 Stars

Fresno, CA


Customer Lobby is Awesome!

We are extremely happy with Customer Lobby and our Account Manager, Phil Judge, is awesome! I am not very computer savvy and he is so patient with me. He is also a lot of fun to talk to; makes getting the work done feel like not working at all. I recommend their... Read More

5 Stars

Clearwater, FL


Thorough and profession

Sara D. Is a great example of what a solutions partner should be. She knows her platform, she understands how what she does fits into the digital marketplace and she is a great problem solver. I really appreciate the way she carefully listens and patiently, clearly... Read More

5 Stars

San Clemente, CA


You have to earn a 5-Star review, but Customer Lobby makes easy to tell the world.

Ive been using Customer Lobby for years and I know for a fact that we have closed several large contracts with our customer reviews being the tie breaker over our competitors. You have to earn a 5-Star review, but Customer Lobby makes easy to tell the world what our... Read More

5 Stars

Warrenton, VA


Very Easy to Work With

I have been pleased so far with the layout and performance. Keep up the good work. Thanks! Read More