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Carpet Repair Company - stretching, pet damage, burns, tears, rips, broken seams, etc We are Berber specialists.
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Dallas Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Bad communication

low ball quote over the phone ($45 over what was quoted), charged for a fan "rental" ($25) when we were not informed of that when the tech left it. charged a service fee that was not told to me over the phone but understand what it's for. Tech's had to come out to repair the padding job because there were holes when walking, the techs were going to "tape together" and told them that was unacceptable to which the owner or manager had to drive out to bring new padding because we didn't want it patched. He apologized for the crappy work but didn't not apologize for over quoting us, he did refund $25 for the fan rental. So we are out $45 for over quoting and they are out $205 for the refund of the fan fee and 2 trips to our home, I'd say we made out better. Won't be using them for future work and the "admin staff" don't email back when you have questions. I'd be careful with this company.


Hi Kimberly
Thanks for your feedback. We value customer feedback always. Admittedly our Tech made some mistakes on your job. A problem I have rectified. We are not in the habit of receiving negative reviews. We responded to your home in an emergency when we didn't have the time in our schedule. In our phone call together you said the carpet was dry, it wasn't. If we had re-installed your carpet wet you would've had mold problems. Instead we left a $250 fan to help speed the drying process. The Tech should've informed you of the $25 fee but we were only trying to match the urgency that you seemed to have in repairing your carpet. Our pricing ONLY changes when the clients are not honest with us up front. Arriving to find a wet carpet changed the entire scope of the job. I got personally involved to show my commitment to our service and did my best to make you happy. It appears that I failed in that quest. Either way, your input as a customer is appreciated.
Ed Doss - Owner

Dallas Carpet Repair & Cleaning commented on 03/05/2018