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Professional Restoration

No pride in workmanship

Monday, April 06, 2015

This is about the rebuilding of my garage wall, including replacement of all brick on the house.

The following is my view of the repair work done by Professional Restoration:

Timeline: Mid-June 2014 to early December 2014, including obtaining samples and subsequent HOA approval as well as corrective measures redoing poor work.
a. Poor communication, specifically with project director Brian (unknown last name).
b. I never met him…this was a known issue given my schedule and the timeframe for workers and Brian being present onsite.
c. There were repeated texts and phone calls about the scope of the project not including the brick under the window off the porch with Brian insisting that brick was not going to be replaced despite my notifying him of an email from Al Smith confirming that work was included in the square footage estimate of the project prior to signing the work order.
d. The only reason the brick below the window was replaced was because my sister-in-law happened to stop by to drop off something for me when the rest of the brick was being installed. At that time she called me and on my instruction insisted that the old brick be removed and new brick installed.
e. The removal of that brick under the windows damaged my porch cement which has never been fixed despite my asking about it numerous times. Specifically, when inspecting the job with Al Smith, he absolutely ignored my questions about it.
f. Many bricks were installed that were visibly cracked. I understand that the kilning process can cause cracks to appear that are not of structural concern. I also understand that Professional Restoration subcontracts out the masonry work. However, a cracked brick is a defective brick, even if only visually. Why install visually defective material so that it can be seen? Is there no pride in workmanship? If a brick is structurally sound but unsightly on one side due to a crack, why not place the crack to the inside where it not only cannot be seen but can have the crack sealed by the mortar? Installing a brick with a broken corner…really? Many sections of mortar were and still are poorly finished with only a few sections ground out and refinished. Only three bricks that were really bad were replaced, many cracked bricks are extant. The mortar widths are not uniform or level throughout.
g. When I was originally called and told the job was finished, I arrived home to find not only the chipped porch cement as well as the cracked bricks and poor mortar work, but also saw that both garage lights were not reinstalled. There were bare wires sticking out from the junction boxes. I was asked by Brian where the light fixtures were. My reply was: “You took them off so they are where ever you put them”. Of course, I found one on the front porch and one stuffed in a corner in my garage. When replaced, the junction boxes were not concealed. Really? I’m sure I can say more, but that is enough.

I will never use or recommend Professional Restoration and have requested that my insurance company not work directly with this company. I will not discuss any of this with anyone from Professional Restoration unless it is in written form since too much has been verbal with no proof of conversation.