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Randy H.

Bowmanville, ON

Aero-Stream LLC

Skeptical at first , not now product is A++

Just wanted to provide a review after using the product for 1 year now.
I can honestly say I was a tad skeptical from the start. But, the proof is in the results.
We have a large home, 3500 sq ft, 3 1/2 baths
7 people, lots of baths, showers , laundry and dishwasher every day. It is an older sceptic system. Prior to installing aero stream I was draining the liquid wastes every 3-4 weeks as well as the solids every year.
The beds were basically Plugging up solid from grease, household chemicals, toilet paper etc. And with the usage could not keep up
Well I opened up the Caps to check on the system after 3 months and the rigorous air churning within the tanks And the liquid level being "normal" i closed it up And have not had an issue since.
I had a perceived problem with the unit becoming noisy. Contacted support and I had a response almost immediately with possible solutions. After trouble shooting and sending video It turned out that the noise was caused by vibration from how I had it set up.
I reworked it and now I basically do not even know It is on and it sits directly under our deck.
I had several follow up calls, emails from the
Support team making sure all was working and I was satisfied . They really do back up the words with actions, because they were ready to ship me a new unit without hesitation until I discovered what the problem was.
I bought the alarm for the system with the package. It went off twice and both times were
Due to extended power outages. Did exactly what it was supposed to. Trust me you never have to worry about not knowing if it is failing with this annoying alarm.
Just want to pass on good words and to those who are hesitant, don't be. The estimate for my replacement beds in ontario canada were 23000
And if it were not for having a large property and being able to pump the liquids myself it would have been Another 300/ month. Not to mention even with a new sceptic bed it does not solve the issue of what goes down the drains to create the issue
randy helmle
Bowmanville ontario 🇨🇦