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Chatsworth, CA

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Very Angry and Disappointed

Do not trust this company. All they want is for you to buy the product and get the money. I explained to the salesperson my exact situation. I explained it clearly and concisely. All he said was it'll work. What he neglected to tell me was that I would have to pay for a separate company to destroy the concrete driveway install the product and then fix the driveway again. That's very very very expensive. They should have told me about this while I was talking to the salesperson; that it would be an extra cost to destroy the concrete driveway in order to install. I was not told this. I asked to send the product back and asked for shipping label. No. We don't send the shipping label, you have to pay for it yourself. And even though they didn't charge me there is a 14 percent restocking fee. I hate being duped. I hate having all the facts and explaining it to the salesperson. I hate my information going in one ear in and out the other because they just want to make the sale. I'm very unhappy with his company and if you choose to use his company, I suggest you get ready to chat for at least an hour because you will want to find out not only how the product works, but how it is installed, where it would be installed, described your property, and then go over it again to make sure they understand. When I called to talk about this, the person I spoke to was hostile to me – almost laughing because there was no way out of this for me. MY COST WAS $1240. THEY DEDUCTED $20 OF MY REFUND AND THE COST FOR SENDING BACK WAS $67.00. WHAT A WASTE! I AM SO ANGRY AND I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!!


Ms. Meyer:

It is quite clear that you are unwilling to help your cause and would rather cast blame on others rather than taking responsibility for your own septic application and actions. We have made it very clear that our product can indeed be installed even though your septic tank is buried below a driveway as we have many successful installations in septic tanks, drywells, and cesspools that are buried below driveways, walkways, patios, etc. We have asked you numerous times if you could email us photos of your setup so we could see exactly how your tank is configured to help advise on how to make the install possible despite your claim of us being unwilling to help. We offer a very reasonably priced solution to solve customers’ septic problems. Each site condition is somewhat unique and we have no control over the cost of installation, however, our solution is always ten’s of thousands of dollars less than the alternative of system replacement.

We did not “sell” you a product, we explained our product and policies in great detail and you decided to “buy” our product. You first left a message with our after-hours answering service back on June 19, 2021 and we diligently returned the inquiry and left a telephone message. You then called us back a month later and during our first phone conversation on July 21, 2021, you seemed well informed on what our product does and how it works since you said you were specifically referred to us. We offer a risk free product to solve septic issues and to save people money; we never pressure anyone into purchasing anything. Our money back guarantee policy and return policy was explained over the phone and both are clearly posted on our web site as well. We will spend as much time as required with any potential customer to answer each of the questions they have. It is very common to have a 30 – 60 minute call to answer questions.

It is very important that we present the facts so people are not mislead by your disparaging remarks and false allegations.

First off, we promptly returned each one of your after-hour phone calls to help discuss the installation process. The first returned phone call occurred on the evening of July 26th in which we had to leave a voicemail because you didn’t answer our call and never ended up calling us back. We spoke again on the following evening of July 27th and again tried discussing the installation process but you declined to take any advice and ultimately hung up the phone. It is obvious that you are unwilling to take any responsibility for your septic situation and are now casting distorted accusations to try and damage our company’s reputation that has a 19 year history of top-notch customer service and over 300 5-star reviews.

Since you made the decision not to install the Aero-Stream product we emailed you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) so the product could be returned for a refund. Out of good faith we decided not to issue a 14% restocking fee as written in our Customer Satisfaction Policy and as verbally described to you on July 21st prior to your purchase. We instead deducted $20 from your refund to help partially cover our shipping expenses since we are the ones ultimately at a loss because of your negligence. We incurred the $67.00 shipping cost to get the product to you and incurred the cost of processing the order. We also incurred the cost of inspection and restocking. We lost much more money on this transaction than you have and we were only trying to help solve your septic problems and save you the cost of system replacement.

We can only help people who want to participate in the installation and restoration process. Sometimes there is a misalignment between our operating premise and our customers. In these situations we find it appropriate to part ways as efficiently as possible so we can focus on helping others.


Karl Holt

Aero-Stream LLC commented on 07/29/2021