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Aero-Stream LLC

Great product, saves money, makes sense

For about 7 years I had a wet yard. Even in the winter it would be a wet mess. I searched long and hard for a miracle solution, and there were plenty of them advertised, but I was very skeptical. After much research I decided the Aero-Stream system made the most sense. I agonized for months, asked millions of questions, and finally decided to try an Aero-Stream Pro, reconditioned to save money. I made three easy payments, installed the system with ease, and everything worked BETTER than promised. I still ask millions of questions, and I enjoy monitoring my septic system way too much and my family is tired of hearing about it. My yard is totally dry and firm, and my septic tank has almost no smell. It is supposed to smell like soil if the system is working, and it does smell like soil, but it really doesn't have much of an odor at all. The pump is quiet and easy to hide under my deck. I started the pump in April and it the yard has been perfect ever since and it's now December. I believe this system is incredibly well thought out, and all of the principles seem logical to me, and I truly believe it will solve my problems now and in the future. I'm pretty sure I will never dig up my leeching field to ascertain if the system is really rejuvenating the soil below, and that is okay with me because from the surface, and from looking in the tank and the D-box, I can see the results promised are happening. My effluent is really clear, my tank doesn't have any odor, and the effluent in the D-box goes up and down throughout the day. By any measure this system is working. Thank you Aero-Stream for giving me my yard back, for giving me a working septic system, for giving me peace of mind, and oddly enough, for letting me feel good about treating my waste in the tank and not polluting my little bit of the Earth. Mark Connolly.