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plumbers & sewer repair
Aero-Stream LLC
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Arnold S.

West Palm Beach, FL

Aero-Stream LLC

aero-Stream is an amazing company with an amazing product line. They have saved us over $20,000.00

We purchased a foreclosure home in 2013 only to find out the septic system and field were ignored and malfunctioning. Everything was clogged up and backing up in our showers. The tank would not flow out into the field. We were told the cost for a new drainage field would be over $20,000.00. We researched other options we could try and Aero-Stream was the best we found. We had the tank pumped and installed the Aero-Stream air pump and air distribution system. We checked the tank after a few months and the water exiting was clear as light gingerale. We could see almost two feet down the side of our tank. It was amazing. It's now been 5 years since we installed the system and we just pulled the lids this week to check the system to see if we should pump the tank as most people tell us tanks should be pumped as routine maintenance every 3 to 5 years. Our water exiting the tank is at a low level, doesn't smell at all, and is just as clear today as it was 5 years ago. We only have some fine roots that look like hay to pull out of the tank. Since our initial purchase David at Aero-Stream has been so helpful and always assists us whenever we have questions. They have been wonderful to work with.