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I was almost certain that our lateral leach field was a goner . I had my tank pumped out and within a couple weeks the nasty liquid was oozing out of the tank lid, along with that foul smell .My septic pump out guy told me that the only way to fix it was to have new lateral lines installed . I was in the process of contacting sewer and septic companies in this area to get estimates to have a new lateral field installed . I found out that the county that we live in has some very strict guidelines and rules ,on how this process has to be done . Some very costly guidelines . Almost twice as much as in the County just one mile North of us . I decided to get on the internet to search for an alternative solution . That's when I found the Aero -Stream site . I read quite a few of the reviews and found it hard to believe that every one had a 5 star rating . I decided to give it a try . after all what did I have to loose with their money back guarantee . I got my system and with the great phone help from Dave over the phone at Aero Stream I got it installed . The tank filled and bubbled out the lid . This time with absolutely no foul smell what so ever . I figured it would take some time to clear my outlet line to the lateral field . 5 months later it was still bubbling out . I didn't mind do to the fact that the smell had been eliminated . We have a lot of trees so I figured that maybe roots had gotten into the outlet and needed to be cleared . I got my septic guy to come and check it out . He took off the lid and was amazed that even though the tank was full that there was absolutely no foul smell what so ever . He pumped out some of the liquid in the tank and looked at my outlet with a camera on a stick . He found that the baffle on the outlet had fallen off . He drained the tank down and put a new baffle on the outlet . Before he did he flushed the outlet pipe with a bladder device and said the water was flowing nicely to the drain field . It has been over 5 weeks and the water level is at the outlet level and no higher , which means my system is working again . I can't say enough about what a great product this is and what great support I received from Dave at Aero- Stream and any other person there when I called . I never had to wait long before I always got a return call with in hours . The Aero-Stream aeration system really worked for me and so does the support system that they have in place . This company and its device comes very highly recommended by Yours Truly .