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Robert S.

Breckenridge, MI

Aero-Stream LLC

AeroStreams technical support and customer service is outstanding.

February 27,2014
Dear AeroStream,
I truly appreciate this opportunity to write about my experience with AeroStream…. Being in the Aerospace Maintenance industry my entire career, I have some very high expectations for customer service and satisfaction requirements with most anything I intend to purchase. It is a real pleasure to share a good experience these days, because they are so few and far between, I’m afraid we’ve become very skeptical.
We spent a considerable amount of time (approx. 1 year) investigating the claims and suggested performance results the AeroStream system was calming. This included a few phone calls and emails back and forth with AeroStream technical support. Once we we’re convinced that this was the best option for our situation, we did not hesitate to order our equipment and get it installed. As soon as we placed the order we received an email confirming our purchase and that our system had been shipped. When it arrived it was very well packaged and complete. The provided instruction manual was very clear, and well laid out. Quality of components and equipment was excellent. We were very excited to get our system installed and working so we had our tank pumped out the next day and installed the components according to installation manual and had our tank bubbling within a few hours.
Here’s where I started to really recognize what sets some companies apart with well above average customer support by the AeroStream team. Within a couple of weeks of installation one of the AeroStream technical support specialists contacted me, just to see how our system was working and if I had any questions. I was amazed that they actually called me; usually you have to call a toll free number and wait for your call to be answered, just so you can talk to someone that usually sends you to someone else, so this was very refreshing. This level of support continued on as our system proved to be very stubborn and we regularly communicated with the AeroStream team. The technical support team at AeroStream is outstanding, with their knowledge, guidance and quick response times it was a pleasure to work with them. For each concern I had, they responded immediately with plan of action and in some cases additional items to further push our system into recovery. I cannot recall ever having received, this level of customer and technical support on any purchase I’ve ever made!! They really want your system to work for you, and they stand behind it 100%.
I want to congratulate! AeroStream, on providing such a high quality product and even more so, for their amazing support staff that made sure we we’re well taken care of and all our of questions were answered, no matter what.
Thank you AeroStream! I would recommend your product to anyone having similar problems with their septic systems, and a special thank you to our tech support engineer David.

Signed: Randy Sonefeld - From Michigan.