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Aero-Stream LLC
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Dean and Patty B.

West Lafayette, IN

Aero-Stream LLC

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All we can say is that Aero-Stream saved our Septic System. WE live on 1/4 acre, small 3 bedroom house with just my husband and I. Ever since we purchased the home in 2007, the toilets gurgled. We have had many people try and diagnose our problem. Then on Super Bowl Sunday 2013, our system acted up. We had our septic box emptied, our fingers blown out by jet stream pressure tanks and started looking on the internet on what we could do next. That is when we read the blogs, read all about anaerobic verses aerobic bacteria and how Jet Stream gets rid of the sludge and creates good bacteria that doesn't clog up your system. It actually has ran better since March than in the previous 5 years and no more gurgling toilets.

Why doesn't the septic people tell you about this product?? It is because they want to dig up your back yard, put in a new leach field and charge you $5,000.00 or more to fix something that probably is broken.