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My bike is an Interceptor. The pedal assist for this bike is the cadence type but does not appear to work properly. There are 5 levels of assist which correspond to 5 different speeds. Here is the problem. Take for example level 1 assist whch has a speed of about 15 km/hr. Up to this speed any rotation of the pedals regardless of pedal pressure will result in a speed of 15 km/hr. If pedaling hard enough the assist stops when the speed exceeds 15 which it is supposed to do. However when speed drops below 15 the assist does not automatically resume. In order to reactivate the assist the bike must coast (stop peddaling) and then resume pedaling. Surely this can not be how the software is designed.

In higher end road bikes the fastners are all Allen Head bolts where as the Pedago uses a combination of Phillips Bolts and Allen Bolts which is not to big a deal but it is much more convenient to only have to have a small set of Allen Wrenches on board for road emergencies.

The bike is stable and comfortable at higher speeds. At lower speeds the weight of the bike, the higher center of gravity and the battery weight high above the rear wheel makes the bike feel unstable. This bike should not be driven through rough terrain because of its handeling characteristics.

While generally the bike is solid the attachment of the fenders could be improved


Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback. Please give our tech department a call when you get a chance to discuss the pedal assist issue and to update your software (800) 646-8604.

We 100% agree that the Interceptor should not be driven through rough terrain since it was designed to be a cruiser bike. If you're looking for an electric bike to tackle hills/rugged terrain, we recommend trying the Pedego Elevate or Pedego Ridge Rider Mountain electric bikes.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us directly!

Pedego Electric Bikes commented on 08/23/2019