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Fredericton, NB

Pedego Electric Bikes

We loved our Pedego so much we became a dealer

My wife and I are always doing things together. We live in Fredericton NB Canada both enjoy biking and outdoors. Our city has fantastic biking trails which we are fortunate to enjoy. Our only issue are the hills and the inclined city streets.. plus I tow my dog behind me and I am not getting any younger. This forces us to stay on the flat trails or get off and push…. Pedego to the rescue... I heard about e-bikes, did some investigating and became convinced... a Pedego was for us and offered us our best overall e-bike value… I, told Dawna I was ordering one and asked her if she wanted one.. "No I do not need a e-bike… I like my bicycle"... Well, ok then.. Not being discouraged by her quick no.. I bought a e-bike for myself… hooked up my dog carrier on the back and the rest is history. Chrome loved…
The very first time Dawna saw me bike up Saint Mary’s Street instead of pushing my bike…. as she was doing.. that was it “let me try yours” Dawna’s mind changed faster than a bolt of lighting… I want one, I love that Raspberry colour but… but what??? I waited until Dawna was sleeping… contacted Mike Clyde (the Canadian distributer) and ordered Dawna her Raspberry Interceptor. Dawna’s bike arrived she was thrilled, it only took her.. one ride and Dawna became a Pedego lover for life..
Later that day. I contacted and had a conversation with Mike Clyde out in BC about how we both loved our Pedego’s…. and of course.. I was bragging to Mike all about our business Wheels and Deals “Canada’s Huggable Car and PowerSports Dealer” … Mike said to me…you should become the Pedego dealer, we need one in Atlantic Canada..
YES>>> With-out a second thought, I said yes.. then I told Dawna and she said YES.. then I told our two children (Alex & Chelsea) who now run our family business and they said…. (are you nuts). Well then… well I started with 1 car, 2 gas pumps and a family loan 40 years ago…. and I had a lot of people along the way… tell me I can’t do that or that can’t work.. no one ever did it that way..etc..etc.. We never listened to the “can’t and the no’s” then and we still are changing the game even now in our early sixties..
We both smiled when our first shipment of Pedego’s arrived…. And we convinced Alex and Chelsea to go for a Pedego ride with us. “ WOW.. Dad all we have to do is get people to try one out if they can afford one they will buy it” they are fun. “We will sell lots of them people can get out and exercise without getting sore knees or hips..” “Even younger people our age would love them”… and that’s how we became Pedego Wheels and Deals Fredericton… come on in try one out Dan Richard or as we call him “Pedego Dan” would love to take you for a test ride.. Hello-Fun…
Hugs from.. Jim & Dawna Gilbert, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada..