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Baldwin, WI


were very good at fixing mistake

On my 1st order to OEHQ i placed order for part #A3146C along with a few other items. Package arrived just a few days later so I was pleased with the quick arrival.
When I went to install my A3146C though, it wasn't right. The part they had sent to me was a A3147C.
Well right away I thought i had told them wrong thing and it was my fault. I thought that any money I had saved by ordering auto parts online was going to go into sending back this part that wasn't right and it would take forever.
Well it turned out that OEHQ had accidently shipped the wrong thing and it wasn't my fault.
The best part is they immidiatly sent the right part, it arrived just a couple of days later and they also gave me a label to slap on wrong part and I shipped it back to them. It all went smooth.
I want to thank them for taking a bad experience and making it right. I was happy and relieved.
moral of the story is this: Make sure YOU have part #s right and if wrong part is sent, they are very good about taking care of it.