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One Call Home Handyman is a group of service specialists with a combined experience of over 50 years in the handyman repair and construction business.
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The level of unprofessional demeanor, condescending tone, and continual interruption defined our interaction with Kyle Lovett as the THE worst in this line of business. He was offensive and kept interrupting our realtor as she tried to explain her point of view. Our realtor had called Mr Kyle Lovett and informed him that we would need estimates based on our general inspection report. She made it clear we would not be needing all repairs and would focus on a couple repairs. She paid $100 for an estimate and when we reached out to get our windows repaired, he said we were "cherry picking" and that the estimate was based on having most of the work done (totaling ~$16K). His estimates were way overpriced, in our opinion (example: $100 to replace a fridge bulb). I was involved in a 3 way call with him, and after listening to him repeatedly cut off our realtor, I told him the subject line to his email said "Any and All repairs." I raised my voice just so I could speak over him as he quickly interrupted me and began yelling. At that point, I hung up. Perhaps he would have behaved differently if a man would have been on the phone with him, but his demeanor was offensive and deploringly unprofessional. Ladies, beware. He kept asking me technical questions about the report and responded as if I were a moron for not being able to answer him. Look elsewhere!


As I told you Realtor on many occassions, we bid the work for the purpose of negotiating your real estate transaction. If you decide to use our service to perform the work, we usually can match the price shown in the report, but pricing is not guaranteed. All I wanted to do was look at the window and make sure there were no special issues.

Just so you know, this is the language in our report and email about the pricing:


We do not do roof repairs, mold remediation, pest control, foundation repairs, pool repairs, sprinkler repairs, stucco repairs or appliance repairs.

It is important that you understand that the service provided by is purely for estimation and negotiation purposes. We do not guarantee that the prices we estimate for repairs on your report are the same that you will end up paying for that specific repair. Our pricing is based on the average cost for similar repairs in your area, and due to unknown factors or underlying issues that we are not privy to, actual repair costs may be higher or lower. If your home is inside Beltway 8, we will oversee the repairs for the total amount shown."

Nowhere does it say "Any and All Repairs".

Since we talked, we have added the following to clearify:

"Each item shown on the report is bid with the assumption that you will have most of the work done. If you only wish to have several items repaired, we would be more than happy to review the work request, to make sure that the final price will not change. In most cases it will not, but we will have to review your requested work and determine the price."

As I discussed with your agent, all I was doing was making sure she understood how our service works for future quote requests.

I am sorry if you felt that I was pushy, but I rely on the statements made in writing and not on work of mouth. In addition, your being a women had nothing to do with it. Someone kept saying that we agreed to do "Any and All Repairs", which was not stated in our paperwork.

In any case, you have the right to pick any person you wish to do the work. We are there to assist you and your Realtor in negotiating your purchase. If my pricing seems high, that usually is in the buyer's favor and may give you a better negotiating stance. Our goal is to make sure you can get the work done for the price shown.

One Call Home Handyman commented on 06/24/2021