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Store in the Cities of Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, and Bloomington.
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Dick Van Dyke Appliance World
3800 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL 62711, USA
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Michaela B.

Springfield , IL

Dick Van Dyke Appliance World

Poor compensation for poor service

Not only did it require 2 service trips for something that occurred on delivery totaling 7 months (which is not their fault, that was based on manufacturing). But on delivery their service man damaged my door putting the handle on. On the final service trip when they finally had all the necessary parts (door+handle—- apparently they don’t come together) the service man ripped Trim off of my custom made cabinet and dented the freezer door. However my compensation for all that was $200, and refusal to replace the door “because the repair technician denied damaging the door”. Well when the customer is informing you the dent was not there prior AND he was sloppy enough to rip of approx 5 feet of trim, it’s pretty easy to determine that the odds are in favor of the repair technician doing the damage. We also had to supply the repair technician with the equipment (a step stool) for him to complete the job, he also asked that we dispose of the door box “because he only had room on his truck for the old door”. Common sense says put the old door in the door box, but I digress. The only reason my overall is rated a 2 star is because the rep Angela did “check on” the possibility of replacing the door rather than the $200. And I am trusting the she told the truth, even though dick van dyke is clearly choosing to believe the technician on the damage over me. (Again the same man that ripped off 5 feet of trim when there was plenty of space allowance for the refrigerator.) I chose not to argue with the rep as she was obviously the middle man. So here I am writing this review in hops the higher ups might see the poor customer service/ compensation being provided for their repair technician mess up.