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Brandon was unprofessional

We went with Builders Wholesales because our builder used them to lay down our floors during the building of our home and we wanted to go with a company that was familiar. The guys that performed the work were awesome but we ran into an issue with the molding around our fireplace, they didn’t order enough trim to cover around the fireplace. We we're working through the issue just fine until their boss, Brandon showed up with his abrasive attitude. First issue with Brandon, when he came to my house he walked right passed my wife and me and didn't bother to introduce himself to us, THE OWNERS. Second issue with Brandon, as we were voicing our frustration he constantly cut us off in the middle of our sentences. Third issue with Brandon, he had an attitude along with his sarcasm and lack of professionalism. I noticed his sigh and eye rolling every time my wife would point out that the mistake on the fireplace was on their end. Fourth issue with Brandon, during the coordination’s I noticed on their contract that they didn't install shoe molding so I asked Jackie about it and she informed me that for certain builder’s they would install the shoe molding and paint it. He constantly accused me and my wife of misunderstanding what she was saying. I stressed to him that I, without a doubt, asked her if they installed and painted the shoe molding and she told me yes. I even recall the events surrounding her agreeing to it. I would recommend Builders Wholesale but I would ensure that you have a paper trail/email of things agreed upon, someone come out to survey your floor prior to installation so issues could be identified ahead of time and definitely DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH BRANDON. Brandon was the worst thing about my whole experience with Builder Wholesale. My home is located in the Highland Falls area and they installed on 2 July 2015.