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After Hours Animal emergency

Worst Vet I've ever been to

Ok, I'll have to tell the full story. I had just purchased 2 little puppies. One seemed listless the day or two after we brought it home and it was on a weekend... so I looked up an after hours vet and headed to this place in Auburn.

They were nice enough to get us in right away but the place smelled disgusting, considering we were the only ones there. The assistants were nice, and friendly. When the vet came in, he recommended several tests, did a parvovirus test which came back positive. He told me I'd either have to pay for a several day hospitalization that could cost up to $2000 or both my puppies would be dead within a short period of time (because one would give to the other). I did tell him that they had the parvo shot but only one.. as i had bought them at about 8-9 weeks.

I called the breeder from the vet office, and she said she could take care of the dogs if I brought them back as she worked closely with a vet who would help her. I explained this to the Vet in Auburn at this clinic who said there is no way the dogs would live if not kept overnight by a vet and that was no way she could take care of the dogs in her own home.

I think they were trying to be helpful since we just bought the puppies, but I think they were too negative. I took the dogs back and they were in great health a week later, and to this day, they are healthy 5 1/2 month old puppies.

I just feel like the vet didn't give me enough options and there probably were other options as they managed to keep them alive (if the parvo test was accurate).