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Your #1 Provider of Indoor Air Quality Inspection, Air Quality Testing, Mold Inspection and Testing, Mold Remediation Protocol, Post Remediation Verification


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Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS

They Are A Great Company Making A Difference In Peoples Lives Every Day!

I had such a great experience with Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS! I had been sick for almost two years and the doctors didn't know what was wrong after test upon test. One of them even said he swore I was a smoker although I told him I was not. I had a company come out and replace my air conditioner and air handler to make sure I was getting cleaner air into the home but that did not solve things. I finally called upon Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS and their staff were wonderful. They even made a special trip for me and did both of the homes for me, one in Orlando and one in Boca. They simply went above and beyond. At my home here in Boca, they found that there was a hole in the attic going to the next-door neighbors' condo and I was getting her second-hand smoke into my home. They found that on their first visit yet the company that installed the new air conditioner and handler said they inspected the attic and ductwork and found nothing wrong. So, I had to call the air conditioning company back and let them know that they did not do their job properly. I am just so thankful and amazed at how great it is for a company to help strangers the way they do like this. They didn't have to go out of their way as they did, but they did and it was wonderful. It was my ex-husband who told me about them because he went through something similar. He was very sick and didn't have anywhere to turn and they went above and beyond for him as well to help him out. I always took for granted that you were safe within your home but after going through this and with all the information I have now and with what Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS helped me with I know I will never take it for granted again and I will forever be grateful for the help I got from Indoor Air Quality Solutions, IAQS!