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Be careful of 'after the fact' charges

We received a bid for work to rid us of bats. ($965) While servicing the work order, we were informed (after the fact) that there would be an additional charge of $250 for caulking on the side of the dormer windows. A bead of caulk, when combined equaled in length of +/- 24'. That works out to be nearly $10 a foot, an amount I would certainly call excessive and grossly overpriced. When I challenged the amount I was told "Sorry"


We believe Mr. Miller's comments are inaccurate for the following reasons:

1) His estimate for a bat eviction was written in September of 2018. He did not approve the estimate until April of 2019: 7 months later. Upon receiving his approval, he was informed that due to the length of time between the writing of the estimate and when the work was to be done, that there might need to be adjustments made to the cost of the job.

2) Mr. Miller had replaced his roof between September 2018 and April 2019! A change of that magnitude completely changes the job we were hired to do: we quoted a bat eviction, were approved to proceed, and arrived to find a completely different situation. Mr. Miller's wife was present, and she was also informed that there would need to be considerably more work done to account for the new gaps, to which she agreed, and our tech completed the job. This was also explained multiple times after the fact to Mr. Miller, who to his credit, did pay for the work that our tech did, and was friendly in each conversation that we had with him on the subject. We only regret that he cannot understand why the price increase was necessary to complete the eviction properly, and that we could not have told him about it during the initial inspection because the roof replacement had not happened yet.

Creature Control commented on 06/07/2019