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Unique and custom design work fuels everything we create at our three artist collaborative studio in Linden Hills!



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Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry

Love my pendent with the three diamonds. It turned out just like I saw it in my mind.

On the anniversary of Ledell Mulvaney, Kat Ledell, and Don Mulvaney's accident, some dear friends and neighbors knocked on my door and presented me with three diamonds as a gift to honor my family. That day Fred, and I went to our cabin to be at the place were we found out about the terrible accident a year ago, to be among the calming balm of nature.
I went out in my kayak and paddled to a spot on the lake where I often will talk to my sister, niece and brother-in law. I said out loud to them, "you know, today is a really hard day. I know that you are with me always, but today of all days I could really use a sign." Through tears I continued, "this is just way to hard." Then I shared how everyone was doing and how much we miss them. I eventually start laughing and joking around and pretty soon I am paddling back to our cabin.
That night, Fred had a made a lovely fire and he and I sat at the fire facing the lake. It was almost a full moon so usually you can not see any stars. We looked out over the lake and low and behold there right in front of us where three stars. (If you look carefully you can see them in the third picture.) We have never seen these three in that position hanging in the sky before. No others were visible to us. I said, "okay okay I get it you are here!!!" We were like two kids at Christmas jumping up and down.
A week later when we were home I went to a store in Linden Hills called, 'Uniquely Yours'. A small jewelry store that custom makes jewelry. I brought in the three Diamonds, and shared photos of Ledell, Don and Katherine and told them of my loss and the gift of the three diamonds from Russ and Richard.
The designer then said what kind of jewelry do you want and do you have a style in mind? I said I wanted a pendant I could wear around my neck every day. I then share that I had no idea what type of design should be made. She took a pad of paper and started drawing some designs in front of me. Little did she know that she could stop after the first drawing. She had drawn the exact three stars in the same slightly off centered position. Just like the three stars we saw in the sky in August reminding us that yes my beloved family is always with me.
A big thank you to Russ and Richard, to Uniquely Yours and the love they showed me in this project and to my family who is always with me.