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ElkStone finishes custom basements in less than five weeks in the Denver metro area.


remodeling & major home repairs
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Elizabeth, CO

ElkStone Basements

Great until the end

Our experience was great until the end of the project and everything has stalled (I am still waiting on them to finish one month after the proposed completed date). One of the reasons that we chose this company is because of their focus on timeliness and attention to detail however they have failed at these two things over the last two months. I have also had to reach out to my project manager repeatedly since when the project was supposed to be completed to try and get the last parts of the project done. We did not change the proposal or plan at any time so there is no reason that we should not be done.

- Transparent budget
- General quality of workmanship
- Web application to view calendar, bills, change orders, etc
- Flexibility in what you get and how you get it.
- Experience of the team seems to be great

- Lack of consistent communication.
--- Once they got my 90% it's like I didn't exist anymore
--- I also attribute this to over-committing in terms of the number of projects
- Project managers are the single point of failure with no suitable backup
--- My project manager had to leave town for a week due to emergency. No one told me or attempted to keep things running while he was gone.
- Main office does not answer their phones at either number and will not call you back
--- There is no way to escalate issues to anyone. If you call either main number and leave a message your project manager will be the one to call you back so you have no means of escalating problems.
- Quality of drywall finishing is questionable.
--- Mud and tape can be difficult but this company is experienced as are their contractors so they should either make it right on their own or get someone better to do mud / tape.

I am deducting three stars from what could have been a five star review because:
1) My project being over one month late
2) Communication has had to be initiated by me consistently.
3) Quality of workmanship of drywall, mud and tape without effort to proactively address these problems.