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Mimi G.

Calabasas, CA

Liberty Bell Law

Extremely satisfied with Irena Shut and LibertyBell

Irena Shut surpasses Quality of just a lawyer. This review of my lawyer Irena Shut is way over due. I had the pleasure of hiring Irena Shut back in 2015. It was a simple google search that made our paths cross. I was really upset at the time because of what I thought was a simple wage an hour case of my employer not paying me properly. Well boy after a one hour conversation with Irena Shut I found out my employee violated many California laws. To say the least instead of the maybe $3000 that I believed I was underpaid she got me a huge settlement. And all through negotiation. Never had to file one piece of paper in court. She always said "I'm not a litigation attorney I don't go to court" At least she was honest. In any case I have referred many people to her firm LibertyBell law group. and so far no complaints all the attorneys there have done an excellent job with all my friends cases. So thankful.