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False Accusations

Last year I was falsely accused of posting pictures online of girls I went to high school with. To make matters worse, these girls claimed to be underage in these photos making it seem like I was in possession of Child $@!#%. The FBI came to my Barracks room and retrieved my laptop, cellphone, Xbox, and etc., put me in handcuffs and interrogated me. Needless to say I was scared to death! On top of that I messed up my interview with them and didn't know what to say or do. I felt like I was just digging myself a deeper hole and didn't want the police twisting around anything I said and making me admit something I didn't do. Immediately I started searching online for an attorney and I'm so so thankful I came across Gina and her team! Her unrelenting desire for success and the fact that she genuinely cares, saved me from my life being ruined! Because of the pressure she put on them, the FBI dropped all charges against me and gave the case back over to the Military who Gina then continued to have contact with until it was found that I had nothing on my devices for any cause of concern and the whole thing was unfounded. Just the fact that she kept at it like flies on $@!#% and always open to any questions or concerns I had made me feel like I was in good hands. And I was! Any points I brought up or questions I had, she was on it to get the results we needed. I could not have asked for a more respectable and professional team as hers! I highly recommend her for anyone facing serious charges in the Military. My property is in the process of being returned to me as we speak and she kept my good name from a court martial before it began and being falsely spread all over the news. For that I'm thankful. Just her general presence and assertion I feel was enough to scare them from pursuing this any further. If I ever find myself in trouble again, I know exactly who I am going to contact!