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Teaching Safe Driving Since 1968! Lessons & Road Tests: Cars - Motorcycles - Buses - Trucks - Tractor Trailers - Forklifts - Locations: Queens - Brooklyn - Bronx


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Queens, NY

Ferrari Driving School

Not for beginners

If you want to fail this is the perfect place to be "Ferrari".
My instructor Ivan was very personable but lacks professionalism. On the day of my exam he pulls up 30 minutes late shaving in his car.So on top of the fact that you are face with anxiety/fear because you may be nervous for a test he makes you feel worst. I paid over $1,000 because I had fear of driving .Not anymore all of that change, FEAR is the least of my problem now! thanks to Ivan.If you fear Driving take Ivan but if you want to pass take a different route rather than Ferrari on steinway. Ivan will sure help you with fear, with his aggression and his impulsive attitude. HE MAKES YOU FEEL STUPID !!!and leads you to patience to instruct... but does alot of yelling. he expects you to know from day one... He would spend his time showing you his book on how people fail, rather then, instructing you on how not to fail..I think he does that to keep his students ..He's always late making one feel like he is stealing time because a 90 min lesson turns into 30 minutes.After Ivan spends his time on his phone ,personal calls,and rescheduling every second.He also make you take him to places but more then likely to run his personal errands. For instance help people get certificate for defensive driving. He also makes you drive to his home or from site to site so he can drop whatever off.He always comes back with an interesting story though. I don't drive on my own but I thought driving with an instructer would be better than driving with family/friend. He should do something else besides instructing because he seems like he enjoy doing other things besides instructing. Entertainment seems more like his thing ...