Jay Sondhi, VP of Mortgage Lending

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Long Beach, CA

Jay Sondhi, VP of Mortgage Lending

Jay did an excellent job of communicating, preparing us, and telling us what to expect.

Jay Sondhi deserves a six-out-of-five recommendation. The biggest thing for me was that it was a long process from start to finish, and Jay really kept us informed and in the loop. It took about six months overall. We would hear from him in a timely manner if something happened. He would also call us every couple weeks just to say he was there for us.

Even though it took so long, I never felt like we were just a file sitting on a desk somewhere. He did a really good job in the beginning of explaining to us what the process was going to be like. He was clear about the timeline and what to expect. We felt really well prepared. Along the way, he was great about communicating what we needed to expect, sign, and know once everything was done.