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Pembroke Pines, FL

Miami Management, Inc.

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I am putting ZERO rating to this company and I wish I had a choice to pick my HOA management company.

Here is my story. I bought my house in July and AFTER August I got the coupon book from them for August due with 0 amount for August and going forward months of the year. So I thought I paid for the August due already when I bought the house (mistaken to trust their system is right) and didn't pay and waiting for September's due. Then I got a letter with late payment fee. I called in their office to ask for waive for the late fee because I received the coupon book AFTER August. They agreed to give me the waive so I mailed the check. Then the check was returned saying there was a discrepancy with the account and I need to correct the error and send a new check (What would I change for the check though? My account number is along with the coupon I mailed). Along with the letter and the returned check they also mailed me the new coupon book without the tickets for August and September. Then I was mistaken again to trust their system, thinking of I might have paid the month 8,9 and will only need to pay October. Then I got the "Notice of intent to record a claim of lien" with the total extra late fee and other fee of $82. I contacted their property manager and she said I can only get $10 late fee waive and since all the other cost already happened so I have to pay. So no matter how $@!#% their system is it is all my fault and I have to pay for the system/people's errors. My biggest mistake is to trust the company and mistakenly thought the company cares about their customers.