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24 hour fitness facility in Nashville, TN.


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Nashville, TN

Snap Fitness

Incredibly unprofessional-allowed my private information to be accessed by other clients

I would not go near this gym again. Several weeks ago, I went to Snap Fitness on White Bridge to try their free week-long demo, as I had recently moved and was in the market for a gym. I filled out some paperwork, and worked out that evening.

Several nights later, I received numerous calls and text messages from a name and number that I did not recognize. This individual described my attire on the night I had worked out, as well as where I was, but refused to say where he had gotten my contact information. I eventually threatened to call the police on him, and he said that he had received the information from his friend who was an employee at Snap Fitness.

I called the owner of this franchise, who cross-referenced the name and phone number of the man who had been contacting me, and verified that he was in fact a member of the gym. He said that none of his employees had admitted to giving out the information, so he assumed the man had gotten it off the paperwork by looking over the counter. The owner then asked me was there anything he could do. Not having ever been in a situation like this, I really didn't know what to say, so I suggested that perhaps I could have a membership for a year? I said I would just go at different times than when I had previously gone, and avoid the man who had gotten my information. The owner agreed that a year's membership would be fine, and I thought that we were finished.

I did not go back to the gym for two weeks afterward, figuring I would avoid my potential stalker. When I finally did go in, just to pick up my key card, I received a call a few hours later from the owner of the franchise. He literally YELLED at me over the phone that I was extorting him, that I had not received any damages, and that not only was I not welcome to a year's membership, he did not want me as a member at all. When I asked him how I could have been extorting him when he had asked what I wanted and agreed to it, he began yelling even louder that he hadn't wanted to agree, and that he was sure I was going to sue him for every little thing that happened (I have never sued anyone in my life, for reference). I told him that I felt this was very unprofessional of him, and he told me not to ever come back to his gym.