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Our fertility clinic doctors are experts in reproductive medicine, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female reproductive disorders.


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Overlake Reproductive Health

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We have suffered from infertility for all of our 12 years of marriage. The journey is long and filled with many tears, but in the end the years of sadness do wash away. We are the proud parents of a little embryo transfer baby. He is perfect in so many ways, and we honestly don't think we could have produced a better baby had we been blessed with natural fertility! Every parent hopes and desires a child that looks like them, but honestly we often forget he isn't related to us. In the end the eye color, hair color and height mean so little compared to the love we have for him. No words could ever be adequate enough to express our gratefulness for the doctors, nurses and staff at ORH. They really do make dreams come true...thank you for giving us hope to believe ORH.

Happy Patients and Happy Parents