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Our fertility clinic doctors are experts in reproductive medicine, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female reproductive disorders.


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Never met Dr Rehman but he has been the BIGGEST help so far!

I found a site called avvo.com where real doctors dedicate their time to answers questions for free. Since a pre cancerous tumor which 'Cigna' insurance repeatedly insisted it was infertility and they didn't cover it...I had a tumor, which long story was my twin sister....infertility...what? Didn't make sense but we had no heath insurance since then, it's been 4 years having no coverage! Been trying to get pregnant for 10 years with my husband, the tumor had a lot to do with it, but we are now 4, almost 5 years later. Got an appointment with the fertility department at my local county hospital, had blood work and a hsg. Blood work revealed abnormalities and although the student siting in front of me was nice, she couldn't answer any of my questions. She only gave me a card for another ucla building where I could pay $900 for artificial insemination. But...I still don't know what is going on. Don't have $900, but would it work? Wouldn't we need to understand what is happening NOW and correct it first? I posted on Avvo, quite a mistake I found it, and within 48 hours Dr Rehman sent me such a detailed, helpful and caring response. I felt like someone finally cared and I wasn't left on my own with no answers or information. Just from what I said in my post, he listed 3 things that were a part of my history that I never mentioned. He's amazing! Of course, I'm not at the end of my journey yet but the knowledge he has given me has been incredibly helpful and set me on a more positive path. My only regret is that I don't have insurance and live in the area and state of this practice just to work with Dr Rehman. With his knowledge and talent I know my husband and I would be able to complete our dreams of having a family! Thanks for caring Dr Rehman, you truly are a blessing from God Himself! :0)