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Door-Mart is a fully licensed California contractor, working for homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, HOAs, private business, and government.


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Tulare, CA



I've had repairs done on my old garage door done in the past and was always left feeling stupid and confused. I called Door-Mart and set up an appointment, The service man was running late, but I recieved a call from thier office letting me know he was running 1/2 hour behind. ( ya dont get that very often )
The service man arrived and checked over my door and motor. He found several problems and explained each one so i could understand what each one was. he didnt use a bunch of fancy terms and explaind things very well, and asked if i understood and didnt treat me like an idiot.
He then gave me a quote for each repair, along with options that were available to complete the work.
My springs were not correctly "balanced" and in turn stripped out a gear inside my motor, I also needed to lower my safety eyes to get withen code.
The cost was not what i expected........Not only did he move the eyes for nothing and lube my moving parts for next to nothing he gave me a deal on the gear and adjusting the springs.
The service man was very knowlegable and personable.
I would use Door-Mart again for sure.
Nice job Rich, JOB WELL DONE