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Endangering Our Newborn After Breaking Our Machine

Do not EVER use this company. If you read nothing else of this review, read this— They broke (yes, the repair company BROKE my unit), and they are now KNOWINGLY endangering my 7-week old little boy.

Their technician came out yesterday (12/23) to do a tune-up under the contract with them. He was up in the attic for SOOO long that I joked with my husband that ‘he must have broken something that he is trying to fix.’ He came down and said everything looked good. At the time, he seemed a little nervous, but I chalked it up to his personality.

A little bit after he left, I smelled a burning smell coming through the vent, but I assumed it might be dust on the coils after everything being moved around? I didn’t know.

It wasn’t until a couple hours later when I went to turn the thermostat down because I was hot that I realized that the unit wouldn’t come on — to heat OR cool.

This was at about 3:30 pm, and I immediately called the office. They said that they could get the SAME technician out there at about 8ish in the evening. I explained to them that if the first technician broke it, I certainly didn’t want him coming back out. They finally said they would try to send someone out between 5-7pm.

When the technician arrived at 7ish, he went upstairs and realized that he couldn’t even turn the unit on. I took him to the breaker and the unit had indeed tripped the breaker. Then, he went back into the attic and realized why— the original technician had committed a ‘workmanship error’ and plugged the board back in incorrectly and fried the board! This is where the bad smell was coming from!!

This technician said that they wouldn’t be able to fix it until Monday, 12/27– four days later. He could ‘bypass’ the board, and he said that had a 50/50 shot of working as a temporary fix. I asked him to assure me that this ‘temporary fix’ wouldn’t shorten the lifespan of the unit in any way, and he couldn’t promise me that running it in this manner for four or five days wouldn’t hurt the unit further. Therefore, we declined this potentially detrimental, probably-not-going-to-work-anyway ‘solution.’

Instead, we asked to speak to the manager. We wanted to either get someone out TODAY (2/24) or get another company to fix it and have Air Depot pay for it. The manager would not respond to the technician’s calls, and the technician wouldn’t give us a number to reach the technician. He told us to call the emergency hotline in the morning to be connected to a manager.

After he left, I called the hotline and asked to be connected to a manger. She took my information at 8:30pm, and I never heard back.

I called again this morning at 9 am and asked to be connected to a manager. I still haven’t heard back.

It is 10:00 am and 73 in the house. It is supposed to get above 80. We have a 7-week-old who cannot regulate his body temperature.

No response from management after several attempts to reach out. This is endangering my family’s health and safety. This is negligent.

Do NOT use this company.