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Mid-Kansas Exteriors specializes in roof replacement, siding, windows, and gutters. Serving the greater Wichita area, they are A+ BBB rated and offer free estimates.


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Mid-Kansas Exteriors

Waiting 10 weeks…no siding, no calls, but I got a bill

I contacted MAE to repair 3 small areas of siding. My experience has been nothing but horrible. A rep came out and quoted the work on July 15, 2013. Today is September 20, 2013 and I still don’t have any idea when, or even if, the work will be done. At 5 weeks, I had not heard anything from anyone, so I called to make sure I hadn’t been forgotten about and was on someone’s list. The receptionist who answered was very rude and snippy and informed me that there had been 5 major storms in the Wichita area and they had a lot going on. I was very surprised by her attitude, especially since I didn’t think I’d been rude or angry at all. She couldn’t give me any information and passed me to someone else who said “oh yeah, I think we’ve got you scheduled” but couldn’t tell me when. August 27th I got a call from an employee saying he was on his way out. I happened to be home that day, thankfully. When he arrived I showed him the 3 areas that needed the work. The first problem was the person that wrote the order back in July did not include that trim pieces would be required to go around the electrical box, so they weren’t on the truck. They have to go in first, so this meant he couldn’t do that portion of the work that day. When he pulled the siding off the truck, he discovered that my house is not in fact white like we all thought it was, it was a slightly off-white color. This was an honest mistake, I’ve lived here 11 years and I thought it was white. I give big kudos to this employee because he took the time to go to the supplier and bring back a sample book of colors and allow me to choose the most accurate match. Unfortunately, the color that matched would be a special order, which should “come in quickly” at no additional charge. This has by far been the best MAE employee that I’ve dealt with to date, and I appreciate that he made the effort to find the correct color and seemed to actually care. A week or so later I got a call from MAE asking how I liked my new siding and if they should mail the bill or I’d like to come pick it up. On September 17th I called MAE asking when they would be out to install the siding, since they had said it would be in “quickly”. After talking to the rude receptionist, the scheduler told me “well if it’s not this week, it will be next week”. Unsurprisingly, no one showed up this week. Everyone I’ve spoken to has seemed to be put out that I would dare call them or question their schedule. I have no idea when the siding will be done. I have no idea if they’ll have the right color or the correct trim pieces when someone does finally show up (if they show up). I can only assume that because my job is small and not high-dollar, I’m being ignored and am no more than an afterthought, a job to do when someone is bored and doesn’t have anything else to do. Just because my job is small does not mean I’m not a valuable customer.


Mrs. Martyn,

We do apologize about the service issue that you have experienced. After reviewing our system against your review on customer lobby, I do believe that you may have confused our company (Mid Kansas Exteriors, Inc.) with another company. If you feel that we have responded in error, please feel free to contact us at (316) 613-2377.

Thanks in advance,

Mid Kansas Exteriors, Inc.

Mid-Kansas Exteriors commented on 09/23/2013