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WOMAN OWNED Roofing Company Specializing in; New Roofs, Skylight and Roof Window repair/replacements and Guaranteed Roof Leak Repairs! Call the "Lady Roofer" today!


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A Licensed Roofing Company

Lack of Communication !!!

Randy was good, calling and texting me right away whenever I needed, UNTIL I signed the roof repair agreement. I had to call several times and email him just to get information (contact info of drywall guy) he promised before signing the agreement. Over two weeks I have been asking for pictures of attic showing traces of leak so that I can submit them to my insurance company. He's gone and nobody from the company responded. I hope they did a decent roof repair but I am not sure at this point. I can't trust them.

Dear " A Licensed Roofing Company", allow me to tell you what I think is No. 1 important thing when you are in this kind of business. It is "communication with your customer". Maybe you learned the wrong way: communicate until your customers sign their paperworks.


To whit we respond:
Let us begin by confirming that we were called to repair an emergency roof leak at your home, and advised you that we do Not repair the drywall. We provided you with excellent service, as you stated above, by responding to your roof leak repair request promptly, providing you with our proposed work order and scheduling your repairs, as agreed. Your emergency roof repairs were completed, as scheduled, on a Friday afternoon.
Here is where you forgot to mention a few things...
The Monday after the completion of Your emergency roof repairs, you called and requested your roof repair pictures. You were advised that they were being processed and that you would receive them by that coming Friday, as per our office policy. You called the next day, Tuesday, and claimed you were told you would receive the pictures that day... Even though you spoke with the same person as the day before, and we knew YOU Were NOT Being Truthful, we processed your photos and emailed them to you that same day and closed your file. (We even thanked you for your patience!)
That following Friday evening, you requested additional pictures of the inside of your home that we may have in our possession. Unfortunately for you, this was the Federally Observed holiday weekend over the Fourth of July. (Our auto response email notified you that we were out of the office, which is standard for the weekend anyway.) Upon our arrival back into the office on Tuesday, July 5th, we did receive your request for the additional pictures which we would have been more than happy to provide to you, however, your negative reviews on our company were also rearing their ugly head at that same time. You did not even give us an opportunity to respond or provide the pictures to you and you wrote misleading, false claims about your experience with us all over the internet, including our website and social media sites. To judge our company and smear lies that we were not forthcoming, prompt and professional is a crime. We stand firm that we Did provide you with Excellent service and quality workmanship, as shown in the 10 photos we already provided to you.
We live in America, we are Americans, and we are proud to have a holiday that observes and honors our troops for all that they have sacrificed for us to be free!
We do not owe you an apology in any way, shape or form. We are, however, waiting for yours.

A Licensed Roofing Company commented on 07/13/2016