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Adorable Puppies! Pikapup Kennel is a one-of-a-kind kennel, providing individuals and families one of the greatest joys that money can buy - a puppy.


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Framingham, MA

Pikapup Kennel

Worth it. My puppy is the most beautiful dog around.

My experience at pik a pup was very smooth. I had been looking for a beautiful Siberian husky for a long time before I stumbled on Pik a pup. The staff was very helpful in helping me anticipate the pups arrival and how I could reserve her.

My dog suffered from the normal illnesses that are associated with a new puppy such as diarrhea and a slight cough. Pik a pup gave me plenty of information to anticipate my pups possible ailments. The cough was cured before it had developed into a serious issues. Pik a pup gave recommendations of which medications wOrk best with their pups.

Pik a pup has followed up and taken sincere interest In the health and well being of my dog. My Siberian is health and turns heads wherever we go. I would have paid double the price had I seen how great she was going to turn out!