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Adorable Puppies! Pikapup Kennel is a one-of-a-kind kennel, providing individuals and families one of the greatest joys that money can buy - a puppy.


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Framingham , MA

Pikapup Kennel

Bailey The Boston

I had a one year old Boston Terrier named Bruin and was itching to get him a sister to play with. My cousin sent me a picture of Bailey that Pik-A-Pup had posted on facebook saying she would be ready to go home the following day. She was the cutest thing and I loved her brindle coloring! I called and the staff was so helpful providing me with all of the info on her I requested. I went in the next day and automatically fell in love! The staff at Pik A Pup were completely transparent about the process and were very helpful. They explained everything to me and provided me with details about Bailey's breeder and blood line. I thought it was awesome that they would reimburse me for any non accidental health issues for Bailey in her first year. I specifically asked about cherry eye figuring that because Boston's are prone to getting it they would not cover the surgery (which is very pricey! Bruin had to have it on both eyes) but they informed me that they would in fact reimburse for that surgery charge in that period of time. That put my mind at ease but I didn't need to worry, Bailey never had a problem! She is healthy as can be! So thankful for her and for my experience with Pik A Pup! Life wouldn't be the same without her! Bruin and Bailey are the best of friends! They play and cuddle all day long. Bailey has been a great addition to our family.